Ask us about our new Secure Check program!!

This program is available for property owners who live a distance from the secondary residence or cottage and who are unable to make regular visits.

It is common for an insurance company to request that property be regularly visited to assure that there are no unexpected issues.

This is a service that is now available from fall through to the spring.

  • Services may include
  • Ensure windows and doors are secure
  • Inspect for rodent or pest entry
  • Check functionality of heating equipment and ensure the desired temperature is correct
  • Visually inspect the exterior and interior for signs of damage, forced entry or unexpected activity
  • Check security system
  • Check electrical panel for breakers or fuses that are off or not functioning unintentionally
  • Check functionality of water and inspect for damaged or frozen waterlines and leaks
  • Check appliances if required

These are some examples of what is offered. Each property and owner can have a program that is customized to suit their needs.

Pricing is dependent on size, location, access and the clients needs. Contact us today to get started.